Oxer´s Journey

Tuesday, May 21, 2024


Welcome to I am Oxer / Gay me Crazy The Comic!

As of today, May 23rd, 2024, I am updating this website now hosted on en.wupicomics.com.
Thank you for visiting and be ready for new stuff coming soon!

Oxer´s story is divided in two major parts. The first one tells about Oxer´s life in his home planet Alivari.

The second part is about Oxer´s life in our planet Earth.


Oxer is a young gay human from planet Alivari.

After he fall in love with the wrong guy, he decides to visit our planet as a missionary. According to the story, there are twelve planets in the universe inhabited by human races.

Humans in Alivari are very spiritual and super cool!

In this part of the story you will know about Oxer; his twin sister, Tina; and the group of friends that travel along with Oxer to planet Earth such as Wilmaralia, Friglut, Xiiocaris, Mx and Sasix.

Also you will learn a lot of things about life in Alivari. Oh, by the way! There are some characters from different races other than humans of course.


Introduction to the comic part which take place on Gay me Crazy Networks.

This is the story of a group of friends that are very gay, I mean very happy, so gay.

Upon Oxer´s arrival to Earth, he starts a new life. He makes new friends.

In this part of the story you will meet Oxer in his new facet as a drag alien; Galiano, the Gay me Crazy superstar; Gato, the latin lover; Fruttini, the mysterious gay; and Jayzee the DJ, a shy but horny guy.

The girsl are Oxer´s sister Tina, a super power girl; Galicia, Galiano´s sister, Oxer´s bestie on Earth; Ghana, the supermodel/TV personality; and Yaki the friend we all love and Jayzee´s bestie.

Many of the girls in this comic are very powerful. But algo the boys, for instance Fruttini. Oh boy! You´ll fall in love with him once you know his super power ha, ha.

In this part of the story all characters, aliens and earthlings will mix. The adventures will now take place mostly on our planet.

Anyways, since English is not my mother language please be patient and kind to me. I am Chuckov and these are my virtual family, I hope you enjoy their adventures.


Although "The Happy Days" takes place on planet Earth,  these will narrate funny everyday stories based on the LGBTQ+ life.

Oxer lives a happy time after he arrives to Earth. He does not remember anything about his past life.

This is taken by Oxer as an opportunity to learn and do different things. So he starts working for Gay me Crazy Networks as a drag queen.

During this time he and his friends will have funny moments but also some drama.


To met all the characters go here: